Friday, May 22, 2009

The Morel of the Story

Wine: Scott Harvey Zinfandel, Mountain Selection
Winemaker: Scott Harvey
Vintage: 2005
Grape: Zinfandel
Region: Amador, California, USA

It's late May in Wisconsin, which means morel season! We gave them a go in a creamy mushroom risotto paired with one of our favorites, Scott Harvey Zin. I know, I know...You are saying that this is a meal better paired with a pinot. I see your point, but I urge you to give Scott's zin a whirl with your next earthy meal. With a thick mouth feel, juicy berries, and spice on the finish, it's not like you are going to argue this with me once you try it. Side note on the risotto- Jason really outdid himself on this round. So creamy with a sorta dirt infusion. The good dirt, like the kind you want to eat.

Scott told us that he mastered his craft in Germany. If I knew more about German wines, I would probably tell you that you can taste the German inspiration. But I don't know anything about German wine (yet), so I'll tell you this: Get yourself some Scott Harvey Zin. A more drinkable zin for $18, I do not think you will find. And, that is the morel of this story.

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