Sunday, May 24, 2009

Livia Strikes Back

Wine: Rosso Delle Regine
Winemaker: Livia Colantonio of Castello Delle Regine
Vintage: 2003
Grape: 50% Merlot, 50% Sangiovese
Region: Umbria, Italy

A lot of times when you hear a wine described as "dry," you'll immediately think thin. Please get that right out of your little head. When I tell you dry about this wine- I want you to instead think of a firm tannin structure. Just right to clear the pallet, cause a little salivating, and make you want to eat some more. So Italian. But I also want you to think heavy- as in, physically heavy on your tongue. Got it? Great. Let' s move on.

We're still waiting on our latest order from Castello Delle Regine to arrive, so we decided to dive into the oh-three while we wait. Tonight, we paired it with Fusilli with Broccolini, Chile and Olives. Except that it was actually Radiatore with Broccoli because neither grocery store I went to had fusilli or broccolini. Yes, I went to two stores. Don't get me started. But my improvisation went well. Lots o' big garlic and onion flavor that just screamed- put some Italian red in my face! Which we are really glad we did.

Two side notes on this post: One, Anne made dinner for a change. Pause for applause. And, two- is that a doodle head in this picture?

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  1. that is a very sneaky doodle-head!
    oh goodness Anne - I love it when you talk vino e' cibo italiano!