Saturday, May 23, 2009

Long Time Reader, First Time Blogger

I believe it is customary to start your blogging adventures with an intro post. A little blurb that sums it all up. Like - Here I am. This is what I'm about. And, this is what you're getting into. I never really did that. I just jumped right in, I think, on purpose. Because I'm not sure what this blog is about. My honey, my doodle, my garden, my food, and most definitely my wine. So I guess...Either this is a blog about the finer things in life? Or, it's a blog about the simple things in life? Oooh. Maybe the finer things in life ARE the simple things in life. Ah, yes. You are going to get far more than wine reviews out of this blog. If this post is any indication, following this blog will reveal to you many of life's great insights: Simpler is more finer.

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