Saturday, June 13, 2009

Detox Rocks my Socks

On Monday morning I decided I need to spruce up a bit. I had just wrapped up two big birthday weekends in a row and was feeling a bit polluted. I had no real plan other than to "eat clean" on Monday. No coffee, no sugar, no unnecessary salt, and no wine. Halfway through the day, I was feeling very virtuous- as if four hours of clean eating made up for the weekend, or for that matter, the last 30 years.

Anywho, in my virtuous state, I picked an old book off the shelf called "Detox Yourself." Turns out that I was already employing most of the basic principles. However, the book explains that there is more I could do to help my body purge all the little nasties that have built up in my organs over time. I was suddenly so curious to see how well I could do on a clean-up plan. I wrote out my list, spent a fortune at Willy Street Co-op, and began what has become my new ritual.
  • Hot lemon water with honey. This is the first thing I have in the morning. It is supposed to get my liver in a detox state of mind for the rest of the day.
  • Green tea. I feel like a genius for having found a loophole in the plan. It says no caffeine, but green tea has a little. I've bought several varieties and have attacked them with gusto.
  • Water. Tons of it. This is supposed to take all the toxins with it when it leaves me.
  • Real food. I'm actually eating way more than I expected, but they say that is normal. The key is that it's all so damn healthy. Raw seeds and nuts. Goat's milk yogurt. Oatmeal. Lots o'brown rice. Salads. Lightly cooked veggies. Liberal use of flax seed oil and EVOO.
  • Being nice to me. Baths, aromatherapy oils, yoga, long walks, sleep.
So, here's how it's working out for me:
  • Day 1. Feeling light and happy in virtuous state until about 2 pm, when what I think was a caffeine headached started.
  • Day 2. Nearly fell over when I got out of bed. Was feeling so dizzy and lightheaded. This lasted the entire day. Mild headached persisted. Felt well enough for yoga in the evening.
  • Day 3. A little less dizzy, but now the MAJOR headached kicked in. Spent many hours at my desk looking at a bottle of advil. Did not indulge. Instead had salad for early dinner and went straight to bed. Head pounded all night, even while sleeping.
  • Day 4. Head still hurt some. Googled until I think I found the culprit: sugar withdrawal. As the headache began to wane, the leg pain settled in. Deep, deep leg pain. Like, not muscles- deeper than that. Went to yoga thinking the heat and stretching would help. It didn't.
  • Day 5. Day 5 was all about the leg pain. It was uncomfortable to lie down, sit, or stand. Walking was probably the best situation, so I took many long walks. Spent hours googling. Didn't find a lot other than that some people do experience significant leg pain during detox because this is where many toxins are stored. I guess that makes me feel better?
  • Day 6. That would be today. Leg pain is mildly better. No headache. Woke up earlier than I have in months. Feeling pretty good and still riding high on the virtuous thing.
What's next? I'm not sure how much longer I'll go with this. I never thought I would do it this long, honestly. But I feel like I'm making a lot of progress and I'm curious to see what tomorrow holds. I am motivated for a few reasons. 

One- it's really not that hard. I like what I'm eating (with the huge exception of the ginger carrot juice I picked up after work yesterday. Holy God. Why do people do that?). 

Two- the detox book says this process is good for your mood, which appeals to me, as I have been extra bitchy lately (see previous post where I tear a great American architect into tiny, bite-size pieces). 

Three- I'm sticking with it to see if I can figure out what's up with a few allergies I've been struggling with.  Awesomely, I am not experiencing any allergy symptoms at the moment. I would say that this is a miracle- except that it's actually science. And, that, my friends, is a discussion we will save for another day.

So then, I'm off to refresh my green tea. I'll keep you "posted" on my progress...

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