Sunday, July 26, 2009

This Summer Blows

Hey Anne, Where you been? You might be asking.  Oh, just watching the whole world blow up around me, I might respond.

It's been a summer full of illness and tension and surprises and stress. I'm not going to depress you (or me) with the details, so I'll just say that things have ended okay-ish.  But that, you know, nothing's ever really ended.  So begins the sage nuggets I have to share with you based on two months of crap.  I'm probably still too close to all of it to have really garnered any true wisdom.  So be warned.  You get what you pay for (Oh, my!  Sage advice #2 and I haven't even started my bullet points).  
  1. Friends and family really are as important as people always go on and on about.
  2. Have fun ASAP because everything could go to hell any minute.  Another way to say this one, of course, is Shit Happens.
  3. The best way (perhaps only way?) to help others is to help yourself first.
  4. It's always goddamn something.  
Subpoint A.  I actually discovered Point #4 at age 30, and it has served me well since.  Recent events only prove my enlightened perspective gained early in adulthood.

Subpoint B.  While I hope Point #4 serves you well also, you should know that I have coined this observation, so don't just run off using it as your own.  I will probably write a book with this as the title at some point.

More from Sandy Sunshine another time...


  1. the only problem with this post is that you're so freakin' funny it makes it hard to feel your pain!

  2. Really not relevant, but here's a crap-related tale:

    I mentioned that RyanAir is planning on charging passengers for the use of the lavatory in flight. Two hilarious responses from my audience:
    1) They're full of shit!
    2) Well, that's a pisser.