Sunday, December 20, 2009

Putting the "Butter" in Butternut

Wine: Provenance 2001 Merlot
Winemaker: Tom Rinaldi/Chris Cooney
Vintage: 2001
Grape: Merlot
Region: Carneros, Napa Valley, California

And the winner is...butternut squash risotto. Holy cow. Creamy, buttery, wintery, heavenly. We've tried a whole lotta risotto over the years and tonight is a big, big standout. You should be here.

And the wine is no slouch either. What I can't get over with this wine is how it is changing the longer it sits here. It's opening up, growing and improving right before our eyes. If I had written this post even one hour earlier, it would have been a different story entirely. From the start, I would have said that it is an incredibly structured wine. That remains true, but now I would add that it has a robust plum-y nose with a fun hint of green pepper and spicey spices, like clove. The finish is growing longer. And, while the mouth-feel is thick (that's what she said), it is balanced with the tannin structure.

An internet search tells me that this wine is past its prime and the price is going down. It's drinking great tonight, baby so I read that as a directive to invest in a bunch more and drink it quickly. Consider it done.

Before I close and continue my night of holiday cheer, I want to offer a shout-out to Jeff and Middle for this fantastic addition to the wedding wine gift extravaganza. We enjoyed every drop.

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  1. I have decided that you may invite me and Daniel over for dinner and make us this dish. thanks.