Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oh, dear

The kitchen is not in good shape this morning. I would be sadder except that it has done a lot of good work since yesterday.

Saturday dinner: Asparagus-lentil soup, Roasted red onion and roma tomatoes drizzled wtih balsamic-dijon viniagrettte, Black olive focaccia
2000 Truchard Merlot (mmmm), 2007 Domaine La Garrigue Cote de Rhone (Slight fizz here. Not sure what that's about), Rocky road. And also too, Sunday brunch: Scrambled eggs, Leftover onion/tomato nonsense, Fresh squeezed OJ, turned into delightful mimosa, Strong, smooth breakfast blend.

There is a lesson in this somewhere. Something about how you to have give in order to get. Something like that? Or, the lesson could be that after a couple carefully prepared fresh squeezed OJ mimosas, you should just polish off the bottle of champagne before considering kitchen clean-up.

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